You may feel stuck today, but just know that there are better days ahead with endless opportunities for love, success and fulfillment.

Come with me. I'll show you.

Do you sometimes feel like you spend your life taking care of everyone else? Feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward?

There is nothing wrong with you! As a matter fact, there is so much "right" with you. You just need to uncover it or re-discover it!

Most women feel "stuck" from time to time. It doesn't matter if your 21 years old or 65, we can become all burdened by obligation, uncertainty and the pressure to always be "on" or be perfect. I know. I've been there myself. 

Social media certainly doesn't help as it paints a false picture of how well every else's life seems to be going.

You just need to understand that where you are now is not where you will always be. The only question is how and when you will move toward finding your place, discovering your voice and doing what truly fulfills you. Mentoring could be a great resource!

The Wonderful, Healing Power of a Mentoring Relationship!

Mentoring isn't Counseling or even Coaching - Although it can include elements of all of them. Mentoring is more.

While counseling requires professional distance, mentoring is intentionally relational. The advantage to professional Mentoring is that you have someone along side you, guiding through the process to discover, question, envision, challenge and encourage you. 

The process is more than simply getting to the root of the issues, it's also painting a picture, developing a plan and creating roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be. While counseling can help you uncover the why, mentoring will also show you the how and the what's next.

Mentoring is an informal, personal, long-term relationship, an ongoing conversation. Your mentor is a ready resource and non-judgement ear over the months and even the years. 

A Mentor is someone who has been there and knows how to understand and overcome what you are experiencing, a guide that will challenge you and hold you accountable for your progress.

Your Mentor -

Laurel Avrin, MS, MNLPP

With a master's degree in organizational psychology and certification as a Master NLP Practitioner, Laurel works with women who are looking for clarity, hope, meaning and direction in their life.

Adopted at birth, Laurel's childhood was far from ideal. In  her early twenties, she found safety and structure as a medical assistant in the US Air Force. After a nearly two decade-long marriage and raising two amazing kids, Laurel found herself starting over at 40.

In the years since, Laurel found love again and remarried, went back to finish her college degree and eventually earned her master's degree in organizational psychology. Now, with additional training and master's certification in NLP, Laurel is proud to be mentoring women who are facing roadblocks in their lives and looking for support and guidance.

Laurel's Impact 


"Laurel is an amazing, loving, compassionate woman whose strength is unparalleled. She exudes a calm strength that is comforting. She always has a way of making you see things clearly for yourself."


"Laurel is one of the most intuitive people I know. I am always is awe of her insight, compassion and the ability to offer meaningful advice."


"Life has thrown Laurel a few curve balls, but she has always bounced back shining even brighter. She has great insight and so easy to talk to!"


"When Laurel entered my life I had no idea how impactful she would be. She showed me that there was life after my husband's death, hope and peace again in moving forward. Teaching me that I can do this own my own and in her words ‘you got this’. Her grace, wisdom and vision are unparalleled."


"Laurel exudes quiet strength and utter grace. She has an active listening style and compassionate expression, so that you feel safe trusting her with anything you want to tell her. It’s implicit in her responses and her empathy-that she has been through enough that she can relate to everyone."


"Laurel inspires me in so many ways to be a better person. She has always been an insightful listener and has a way about her that makes myself and everyone around her feel special, beautiful and worthy."


"Laurel has got to be one of the most caring individuals I have ever known.  You will not find a more compassionate empathetic listener. She has always been someone I could count on."


"Her kindness and genuine care for humanity, simply put, has inspired me to be a better person. You can feel her love and generous spirit as it surrounds you. She is a true healer in every sense of the word."

Meet Laurel -

There is more to life! I know. I've been there. I went through it and emerged in a better place. If you are willing to do the work, there are greater days ahead - and you don't have to do this alone!


The Process

Step 1. Evaluation. After the initial, complimentary conversation, a decision is made whether or not to move forward. If agreed, contact information is entered into the online progress tracking system and the first mentoring sessions is scheduled.

Step 2. Introduction. The first session is about listening. My listening to you as you tell me more about who you are, where you've been and what has brought you to this place. I will ask a number of clarifying questions, but this is my chance to get to know you. We will also talk about what success would looking like to you, and we will discuss the process. 

Step 3. Discovery. Utilizing a combination of psychology, coaching, NLP and other proven mentoring processes, we dig deeper and explore what's not working in your life, the root causes and discuss what you can own, affect and control.

Step 4. The Road Map. By it's very nature, mentoring is outcome-driven. Everything discovered and uncovered is part of the process to lead you to a better place. We will create, together, the achievable steps to move you toward that better place.

5. Ongoing Support, Discussion, Re-Exploration, Revision, New Goals, Growth and more. As stated, mentoring is intended to be a long-term, informal and personal relationship. I am here for you, to check-in, vent, dream, aspire and more. Of course, every relationship is different, but the structure itself is a proven model for client growth and success.


I'm ready to learn more!

Space to Breathe!

Sometimes you just to talk, to vent or perhaps to say outloud what has been heavy on your heart. 

Permission to Focus on You

After years of giving so much to so many, it's your turn to rediscover what makes you happy and would make you feel fulfilled. 

Plan for Tomorrow

Goals without a plan are just wishes. You need a clear visions and plan to get from where you are to where you want to be. 

Is it time to focus on what's next for you?

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